Frecklebelly \fre-kl-bel-ly\


Frecklebelly™: an industry-leading, eclectic, commercial embroidery company whose creative focus is capturing the essence of clients brand and translating that image into thread design.

Not to be confused with:

  1. The frecklebelly madtom (noturus munitus): a species of fish in the Ictaluridae family, endemic to the United States.
  2. "FrecklebeRRy" an odd mispronunciation of Frecklebelly™.

Each client is unique and deserves our full attention. We listen attentively, answer questions, and explain our methods. We work closely with our clients to create, and help to improve, the visual power of their brand. Frecklebelly's™ ultimate focus is CQC: Care, Quality, Creativity. Committed to our craft, we provide exceptional embroidery and embellishment services with high-end visual appeal and attentive, dedicated customer service, utilizing our extensive knowledge and skills to create the final product, with the goal of reaching beyond client expectations. Freckles

Frecklebelly™ strives for excellence in thread, backed by more than twelve years of proven performance, creative, outside-the-box thinking and a focused approach to solving clients' branding challenges. Frecklebelly™ is committed to providing clients with high quality custom embroidery, creative thinking and promotional branding services.

Established in 2005 as a commercial embroidery firm, Frecklebelly™, is a division of Caprezi, Inc., with studio, offices & production facilities in Rosendale, Ulster County, NY. Founded by Carole Preziosi, CEO and Creative Director, Frecklebelly™'s primary creative focus is commercial embroidery. We are not a "rush the customer through, get-it-in, get-it-out, embroidery/screen print/promotional goods" company. When you place your organization's branding needs in Frecklebelly™'s hands, you may rest assured that you will receive our top-of-the-line CQC - Care, Quality, Creativity. Your project becomes our top concern.

Frecklebelly™ utilizes state-of-the-art Melco Amaya XTs to create exquisite embroidery for our clients.

Frecklebelly™ utilizes professional, commercial-grade, state-of-the-art equipment and advanced, cutting-edge software to transform flat graphic images into three dimensional thread art. Whether reproducing a corporate logo to be stitched on a sport shirt or creating a piece of fine art to be hung on a wall, we are, quite literally, "painting" with thread.

That's not to say we are limited in the scope of our services. Frecklebelly™ is much more than "shirts and caps". We understand how important it is to keep your company name "out there" in a stylish and tasteful way. Our experienced staff can help you with that. In fact, Frecklebelly™ can help with all of your promotional and creative branding needs. Whether you need embroidered merchandise, imprinted pens, screen printed t-shirts, corporate gifts & awards or help with designing a new logo, our knowledgeable Frecklebelly™ Consultants will work with you each step of the way to help define and promote your organization, allowing you to truly stand out amongst your peers.

We've had the honor of serving the embellishment and branding needs of businesses, groups and non-profit organizations throughout the Hudson Valley and New York City, as well as across the nation. It has been our pleasure to work with such clients as Arnoff Moving and Storage, Campers Barn (New York and Georgia), Camping World, Central Hudson Gas & Electric, IMCD Lighting (NYC), Hudson Valley Resort and Spa, Kaatskill Mountain Club at Hunter Mountain, the Lighting Design Group (NYC), NEP Studios (NYC), Sawyer Savings, Ulster Savings, and many more. We are also the Official Embroiderers for the annual Rosendale International Pickle Festival held each year. And, lastly, but certainly not the least, we are most proud and honored to work with Volunteer Fire Departments throughout New York State.

Visit our Portfolio page to view a sampling of work we have done over the years.